Profile of MD

The Pharmaceuticals industry of Bangladeshis a fast growing sector and it has been contributing significantly to the growth of our national economy. Around 97 percent of the total demand of medicine is being produced locally. The Pharmaceuticals industries are exporting life saving medicines and raw materials to as many as 70 countries of the world aside from  meeting the local demands and earn huge foreign currencies which help to enhance the overall economic growth of the country. At present the Pharmaceutical industry has turned into the second largest tax paying sector and Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the leading companies which plays a pivotal role in achieving such success. Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is also one of the best medicine producing companies in Bangladesh. It produces medicines by highly qualified and educated manpower, best scientific technologies and best raw materials. The yearly profitable growth and expansion of markets of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is progressing noticeably in the field of distribution and sales. Dr. Belal Uddin Ahmad is one of them who has industrial Zeal, sincerity and strong determination for the growth of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. He is a familiar name in the field of Pharmaceuticals industry of the country. Dr. Belal is the managing director of this Pharmaceuticals industry. Ms. Feroza Ahmad is the chairman of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Aside this Dr. Belal Uddin Ahmad is the Managing Director of Ahmad Group of Industries which consists of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Pharma. Division), Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Sanitary Division), Shaz Chemical Industries, Shaz Laboratories, B-Sons Food Products, Ahmad Enterprise, Zenith Tiles & Ceramics, Zenith Trade Corporation, Zenith Filling Station, and Zenith Wet Tissue Industries. Zenith Wet Tissue Industries, first of its kinds in Bangladesh has already gone into production.

Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is located at BSCIC Industrial Area of Feni district which has a well equipped Laboratory, modern machinery along with utility facilities. Its well expert employees and pharmacists are playing key role under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Belal Uddin Ahmad and producing international standard medicines. This industry has already been earned huge praises for its quality medicine. Within a very short span of time it has attracted the buyers as well as clients abroad. The main feature of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is its quality medicine. From the very beginning of its journey, Zenith did not compromise with its quality and for this why this Pharmaceuticals industry has gained ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 certificates which helped to enhance its reputation to a great extend both at home and abroad. It has now become a leading one in the country and it was only possible for the untiring efforts, merits and farsightedness of Dr. Belal Uddin. He comes of an aristocrat Muslim family at a village namely Fazilpur under P.S & district Feni. After completion of his higher degree from the highest seat of learning of the country, Dr. Belal also did his doctorate on Alternative Medicine from India. By applying his acquired learning and professional expertness he moved forward with the gradual progress of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Beyond the area of his own business Dr. Belal has gained faith in other business people by dint of his good leadership. He carried out his responsibilities as the President of Feni BSCIC Industry Owners Association. Besides this, he is also involved in other socio-cultural organizations. He has been contributing enormously for the well being of the common people. As the past President of Rotary Club of Sylhet south president 2010-11 of Rotary Club of Feni Central an international social organization he played a leading role for rendering services to helpless poor people. A founder member of many educational institutions Dr. Belal is also donor member of different schools, colleges, madrasahs and mosques which is located in different areas of the country.

Regarding the gradual expansion of the overall Pharmaceuticals industry of the country, the concept of Dr. Belal is very clear. He says, “It seems to me the produced medicines of our country is better than that of other neighboring countries. Although a negligible number of people are involved in producing low quality medicines but most of them are producing quality medicines. Especially the industries like Zenith Pharmaceuticals, an ISO certified one are always committed to uphold the standard of their products and for this they are also very careful too. The demand of exporting medicines has been increasing day by day.” The drug administration as well as the concerned authorities will have continued their co-operation with a view to develop this sector and on the other hand the economic growth of the country will increase by exporting medicines to foreign countries, Dr. Belal observed.
 As part of his social commitment Dr. Belal extends his support and co-operation to those people who are actually deprived of their basic needs. In recognition of his contribution to our national economy as well as society, he has been honored several times by much socio-cultural organization including Desher Kagoj Business Award-2006, Bangladesh Business Journalists Society Award-2008 and so on. Dr. Belal traveled many countries of the world so far for personal and business purposes also. In personal life Dr. Belal Uddin Ahmad is married and blessed with two sons and a daughter. His eldest son Mr. Firoz Uddin Ahmad (Rajohn) completed his B.Pharm and M.Pharm. from Southern University, Chittagong and currently he is working as a Director for Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Ahmed Group. and the later one Mr. Forid Uddin Ahmad (Riyadh) completed his B.B.A. and M.B.A. from Sylhet International University, Sylhet. and Currently he is also working as a Director for Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Ahmed Group. His only daughter Mrs. Farjana Ahmad (Oni) completed her M.B.B.S. from Ragib Rabeya Medical College Sylhet